As is (I accept you)

I have a friend who shared a cab with Curt Cobain.
I have a friend who attempted to commit suicide while in College.  Today he is happily married with kids.
I have two best friends who traveled the world for a year.
I taught a student who watched his father get shot in a drug deal gone wrong.
I have a friend who was personally invited to the white house by a President of the United States.
I have a friend who lost his best friend because he chose to drink and drive.
I have a friend who instead of reaching the summit of Everest, chose to save a life.
I taught a student who worked for Free the Children in Africa and is friends with Lisa Ling.
I have friends who have filed for bankruptcy and lost their homes.
I have a friend who opened his own school.
I have a friend who is a woman and is legally married to another woman.

While I have opinions on every topic under the sun.  I try not to judge people solely based on some of their beliefs. That allows me to see people for who they are.

On stage, I ask students that I have never met before to give me a chance as I attempt to open their hearts and stretch their minds.

So while we most likely have never met, please know that I accept you AS IS.

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