Before and after a 1-hour presentation

Found this doc and realized I never posted it… Here it is:

Over the past few years, I use my blog to share my highs with you. Whether it be speaking at a national conference or emceeing at a sweet resort. I thought I would change the pace a bit by sharing the 23 hours that students don’t see.

3 Day Agenda:

5:10am – wake up to get ready for airport
5:30am – off to airport 25 minutes away
7:06am – leave San Diego for Moncton, NB
10:58pm – Not a typo…. PM arrive in Moncton, NB
12:00am – Arrive at my brother’s house to crash

6:00am – wake up (It’s really 2am in San Diego)
6:30 am – Depart for Westisle, Prince Edward Island
9:30 am – Arrive at WCHS
10:30am – Speak for 60 minutes
11:30am – Depart for Halifax, Nova Scotia
5:00pm – Arrive at Hotel

7:00am Wake up
9:30am Speak at first school
11:30am Speak at second school
3:00pm Depart Halifax Airport
11:00pm Arrive at San Diego Airport
12:00am Arrive home (it’s 4:00am in Halifax, NS)

I do not share this for sympathy or to impress on how many hours I can drive or how few hours sleep I can operate on. I share this for two reasons:

1. Love what you do / Do what you love! Please do not get me wrong, I get tired, I need regular chiropractic adjustment and I miss my family immensely. However, I will do it again next month when I head back East (Where I grew up!) I feel so blessed to do what I do, to have people allow me to be part of their conference or share my message with their entire school.

2. Chase your passion, not money. While I am also fortunate to make a considerable amount of money for my 60 minute presentation, it’s not enough to make a person happy.

Be kind to yourself and others,

In gratitude,


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