High School Keynote: Be YOUnique

Today’s teenagers have to deal with issues ranging from anorexia and pregnancy to suicide and school shootings. The increasing number of broken homes and divorces explain the unprecedented percentage of students who choose to turn to drugs, sex, and alcohol.

Teenagers don’t always see the link between today’s actions and the consequences of tomorrow, so now is an opportunity for students to discover their true self.

Justin’s keynote inspires students to Be YOUnique and challenges them to:
* Accept Yourself, Understand Others
* Opportunities are taken not given
* Choose Gratitude
* Speak your truth

New Middle School Keynote: Bully Be Gone!

We can agree that Bullying isn’t a 1-hour quick fix. However, Justin brings his 10,000 hours as a facilitator, teacher and speaker to create a safe environment for students to take risks. This at times intense and interactive keynote will have students laughing, singing, cheering, but most importantly reflecting and sharing while creating a community that stands up against bullying.

Bully Be Gone will encourage students to:
* Be empathetic towards all students
* Understand the power of community
* Act on your dreams
* Deflate peer-pressure

Educator Keynote: EDGE-ucator

As a student, Justin could barely read, he got bullied through elementary and middle school, and he had zero friends and no self esteem. So why did he become a teacher?

Because one teacher reached out and gave him a reason to come to school. By the time Justin graduated high school, he was elected to student council 5 of 7 years, rookie of the year and captain of his volleyball team and already coaching at middle school level.

Justin message shares simple and effective tools that will make educators reflect on the importance of building rapport with youth.